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A new concept born out quite literally of our grandmother’s house. Two brothers willing to share their love for food and channelled along with some friends in the shape of a new enterprise.

The key to Foodyt is to offer and empower the client with a firm gastronomic choice. Cuisine and technology come together in the form of digital menus of the greatest graphic quality and accessible for everybody.

Sobre nosotros

Our great ally


Now more than ever all food lovers can dedicate a little bit of time to choose when eating out. We all fancy different types of food depending on how we feel. More information means less chances of disappointment!

It is for these reason we have made restaurants our partners and vice versa. We work closely with them so that starting with the digital menu, their clients can have a complete experience. In return, and thanks for their work, we give our portal the most updated and quality content so our Foodys can get it right every time!

The importance of the dish

Importancía del plato

Since ever, we have been choosing first the restaurant and the dish. Now Foodyt is here to say, what if we decide the dish to eat, then we filter location, price, allergens,..we compare them and finally we decide the restaurant? You look for what you want to eat and we help you where to find it.

For us, the most important point is the dish, the main actor, what really matters to you.

We are the future

Somos el futuro

The world has changed, from the way we relate to consumption habits.

In a world where image speaks more than a thousand words and where everybody has a smartphone, why restaurants have not evolved at the same pace?

Take restaurants to the next level is our mission.

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